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Synthesis and Bio-Spectral studies of the Mn(II) complex of 2’-hydroxy-4’-methoxy acetophenoneoxime (HMAOX)


F. Rehman and Samya Mairaj


Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faiz-E-Aam Degree College, Meerut

Email: rehman12366@yahoo.com



Mn(II) complex of 2’-hydroxy-4’-methoxy acetophenoneoxime (HMAOX) has been synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, spectrophotometric studies, spectral analysis, thermogravimetric analysis, magnetic susceptibility measurement. The elemental analysis, spectrophotometric and mass spectral data indicate ML2 composition. The stability constant of the complex and the thermodynamic parameters were computed from the thermal data, potentiometric and  spectrophotometric studies. The stability constant of the complex is found to be 5.648 x 10 and the standard free energy  of formation is 1.06 Kcal/mol at 30°C. Beer’s law is obe ed in the concentration range 1-12 ppm of Mn. The value of molar extinction coefficient and sensitivit   as per sendell’s scale are found 2.40 x 102 L.mol-1 cm-1  and 0.228 µg-Mn/cm2  respectively limit of interference due to the precence of foreign ions in the spectrophotometric determination has also been determined. The IR studies reveal  that the phenolic protons is lost on complexation and oxygen of the phenolic-OH and nitrogen of the oximino group coordinate with Mn(II). The electronic specta and magnetic susceptibility measurement indicate that the complex with Mn(II) is para magnetic and tetrahedral in nature. The antimicrobial activity of different concentration of ligand and their Mn(II)-complex were measured by determining the growth of test fungus and bacteria by dry weight increased method and by agar diffusion method against Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus nedulens and Alternaria alternate fungi and staphylococcus, streproproteus, staph and Escherchia coli bacteria. The results indicate that the ligand (HMAOX) and its Mn(II) complex have antimicrobial properties and compared with standard drug. The activity index (AI) was also calculated.


Keywords: Spectra, Thermodynamic parameter, Mn complex, antimicrobial Screening.



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