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Oxidation of ceftriaxone sodium (CFS) by Cr (VI) in acidic medium: Kinetics and Micellar Effect


Mohammed D. Alahmadi and Mohammed Hassan


Ibb University, Yemen

Email: abuusef2002@gmail.com



The oxidative degradation of ceftriaxone (CFS) by Cr(VI) in sulfuric acid medium has been kinetically investigated. The reaction was found to be first order with respect to Dichromate and hydrogen ions and apparent -1 order with respect to CFS. The observed rate constant was found to decrease with increasing  NaCl concentration and  to  be  independent  of  the concentration  of  TX-100 non-ionic surfactant. A stoichiometry for the reaction has been estimated which agreed well with the experimental findings.


Keywords: Ceftriaxone sodium, Cr (VI), Oxidative degradation, Micellar Catalysis