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Crystallographic investigations of metal complexes of some N-alkyl(aryl)-N- nitrosohydroxylamines


Ali Sheikh Bostanabad, Olga Kovalchukova, Igor Zyuzin and Svetlana Strashnova


Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

Email: amir_sheikh.2007@yahoo.com



The feature of chelate-forming derivatives of N-nitrosohydroxylamines is the possibility to form stable complexes with the metallic ions of various natures (for example, Al and Pd). In addition, lots of them are biologically active compounds, known to display carcinogenic, genotoxic, mutagenic and DNA-damaging effects. Previously [1-2] we reported synthesis, some thermal, spectroscopic and crystallographic studies of potassium salts and transition metal complexes of some derivatives of N-nitrosohydroxylamines. Here we present some comparable crystallographic characteristics of complexes of some N-alkyl(aryl)-N-nitrosohydroxylamines with metals of different types (Sn, Rh, Pb, Fe, Cu, Co, Zr).


Keywords: N-alkyl(aryl)-N-nitrosohydroxylamines, Sn, Rh, Pb, Fe, Cu, Co, Zr



1.   Zyuzin,  I.N.,  Nechiporenko,  G.N.,  Golovina,  N.I.,  Trofimova  R.F.,  and  Loginova,  M.V. Synthesis and structure of di(non-azoxy) formals and some related N-alkyl-N'-alkoxydiazene N-oxides, Russ. Chem. Bull., 1997, 46, 1421-1429.

2.   Ali Sheikh Bostanabad, Paul Strashnov, Igor Ziuzin, and Olga Kovalchukova. Structure and some properties of the salts of N-nitrozo-N-ethyl(phenyl)hydroxylamine. “Proceedings o  the 15th  nternational seminar on New trends in research of energetic materials” Pardubice, Czech Republic. April 18th – 20th, 2012, 33-36.