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Mass Spectral studies of steroidal thiazole


Azhar U. Khan1,2*, Nazia Malik1, Shaila Khan2, Iqbal2 and M. Mushfiq1


1Department of Chemistry Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh-202002, India

2Al.Falah School of Engineering and Technology Dhauj Faridabad (Haryana)

Email: azhar.u.kh@gmail.com



Mass spectra of some steroidal thiazole as an attempt to establish spectra structure relationship. The compounds included in the study are 2-N-phenylamino-5α-cholest-6-eno[6,7-d] thiazole (1) 3β-acetoxy-2-N-phenylamino-5α-cholest-6-eno[6,7-d] thiazole and 3β-propanoyloxy 2-phenylamino-5α-cholest 6-eno[6,7-d] thiazole. These compounds are structurally very close to each other. It was anticipated that they will follow similar fragmentation patterns thus offering a simple and effective method of their characterization by mass spectrometer. The mass spectrum of above compound (1) gave a prominent molecular peak at mz 58 (C34H50N2S).


Keywords: Steroidal Ketones, Thiazole Steroidal Thiazole And Mass Fragmentation