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Development of Sensitive Voltammetric Method for Determination of Tellurium in Waste Waters


Kherwa V., Sharma P. and Dubey S.


Department of Chemistry, C.D.L.University, Sirsa, Haryana

Email: v.kherwa@gmail.com



A simple and convenient method has been developed for ultra trace level determination of tellurium employing DC polarography and differential pulse polarography. Among various supporting electrolytes, dimethylformamide-sodium hydroxide was found most adequate in which Te (IV) displayed a single sharp DP peak at -1.16 V vs. SCE. The wave appeared to be diffusion controlled as the plot of Il  vs. √h  yielded a straight line passing through the origin. Linearity of the calibration curve was achieved upto 26 µg/ml with a limit of detection of 0.004 µg/ml (r = 0.9989).  The peak potentials of coexisting metal ions such as Cu (II), Pb (II), and Zn (II) in alkaline medium were found well separated from that of Te (IV) at -1.16 V and thus did not interfered. The DPP method has been successfully applied for the determination of tellurium contents in aqueous matrices.


Keywords: Tellurium, Ultratrace level, diverse matrices.



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