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Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3) - A New Threat To Environment Pollution


Ajay Kumar1, B.R. Kar2


1 Electrical & Electronics Engineering KIIT University

2 Chemistry Department, KIIT University

Email: ajay.ansha002@gmail.com



Day by day in concentration of green house gases like CH4, CO2, CFC etc has become the biggest threat to environment. Presence of these gases in troposphere contributes in high extent of global warming. NOx and SOx are also contributing accordingly for rise in global temperature . In addition to these pollutants a new potential source which is one thousand times more than an equal concentration of CO2 chemically named as Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3). Nitrogen with three florine molecules is considered as a unsaturated compound which has maximum reactivity. In general NF3 has 1700 times more potential than CO2 as a warming agent mostly found in costal belt. In this paper, the structural representation along with preparation reactivity, temperature gradient rate and mechanism of his harmful compound is broadly discussed.


Keywords: NF3, Greenhouse Gas, Alarming Situation



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