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Effect of Different Substrates on Properties of CeO2 Thin Film Synthesized By Pulsed Laser Deposition


Kousar Jahan1, Prem Kumari Verma1, Sudersh Yadav1, Prof. Ravi Kumar2, Prof. K.V.R. Rao3


1,3 Centre for Converging Technologies,UOR, Jaipur (Raj.),

2 NIT, Hamirpur (H.P.)

Email: kousarj@gmail.com



We report the growth characteristics of cerium oxide (CeO2) films deposited by pulsed laser ablation on different single crystal substrate, (100) oriented silicon (Si) substrate and (0001) oriented Al2O3 substrate. Laser fluence, laser shots, substrate temperature, and oxygen pressure were same during deposition. The as-deposited films are characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Photoluminescence spectroscopy and Atomic force microscopy (AFM), to investigate the effect of substrate on crystal structure, optical property and surface roughness of films. The XRD results indicated that the synthesized films had a cubic structure and highly oriented in the (111) direction on Si substrate and on Al2O3 substrate. Si (100) substrate produced tensile strain and Al2O3 (0001) substrate produced compressive strain on deposited film. Photoluminescence emission bands showed variation in position and intensity of bands on different substrate. The origin of CeO2 PL was due to the electrons transition from Ce4f band to O2p band and the defect level (oxygen vacancy) to O2p band which is more in CeO2/Al2O3. The surface topography of the films revealed by AFM discloses that the surface of film is less rough on Si (100) than Al2O3 (0001).


Keywords: CeO2, Thin film, XRD, AFM, Photoluminescence.



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