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Synthesis And Characterization Of Mn(II) And Co(II) Mixed Ligand Complexes With 1,2-Diaminobenzene


Anupam Misra1, Jyoti Misra1 and Sunita Sharma2


1Dept. of Chem. Bareilly College, Bareilly (U.P.)

2Dept. of Chem, G.R.P.G. College, Rampur (U.P.)

Email: som.486@rediffmail.com



Amongst the nitrogen donor ligands containing NH2  groups, hydrazine and its derivatives are  of considerable interest as ligands in view of variety of bonding possibilities, that they exhibit.  1,2-Diaminobenzene is a good nitrogen donor ligand. It is a valuable starting material for the synthesis of a large number of fused ring systems; most notably benzimidazoles, several derivatives of which have been reported to possess a variety of biological activities.Therefore, we have synthesized Mn(II) and Co(II) mixed ligand oxalato complexes with 1,2-Diaminobenzene.  The  characterization  of  the complexes was done by various physico-chemicalmethods, such as  elemental analysis, solubility, electrical conductivity, metal estimation,molecular weight determination, IR, UV and ESR spectroscopy. The complexes were found tobe crystalline, coloured, solid, sparingly soluble in water and alcohol, but, soluble in DMF and DMSO. The complexes were quite stable at room temperature. The magnetic moment data andspectral data showed the octahedral environment around the metal ion.


Keywords: Hydrazine, UV IR, ESR



1.   Saha S., Majumdar T. and Mahapatra A., Ind. J. Chem., 45(A),877 (2006).

2.   Dubey P.K., Kumar R.V., Naidu A. and Kulkarni S.M., Asian J. Chem.,14,1129 (2002).