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Directions of scientific work

During the last decades a scientific school has been formed at the Chemical Technology Faculty of the Altai State Technical University (AltSTU). Main directions of the school's activities are synthesis and investigation of physico-chemical properties of organic compounds on the base of nitrogen-containing heterocycles. These compounds are promising, in particular, as sub-products for obtaining biologically active substances and polymeric materials with unique characteristics.

The founder of the scientific school was Vitaly A. Anfinogenov (1950-1996), PhD in chemistry, Associate Professor who worked in Tomsk Polytechnic Institute before 1976. At the Chemical Technology Faculty of Altai Polytechnic Institute (now AltSTU) he organized a research laboratory of organic synthesis and grew up a new generation of young scientists in the best traditions brought from Tomsk and originated from such well-known chemists as N. Kizhner, B. Tronov, L. Kulev. These traditions were then continued by V. Lopatinsky, E. Sirotkina, V. Filimonov, V. Anfinogenov.

Scientific work of our laboratory in the end of 20th century was devoted mainly to the synthesis and investigation of N-(α-alkoxyalkyl)carbazoles, N-alkenylcarbazoles, as well as N-alkenylphenothiazines and N-alkenylphenoxazines. The last three groups of compounds are valuable monomers that on their polymerization or co-polymerization with other monomers form oligomeric and polymeric materials. The polymers obtained have good film-formation and adhesive characteristics, possess properties of semi-conductors, and can be used in non-silver photographic processes. Initial monomers and their derivatives reveal biological activity as anticonvulsants, are applicable as polyolefin stabilizers, sensibilizers in the processes of metal surface photoetching. To these practical aspects of the chemistry of carbazole, phenothiazine, and phenoxazine derivatives great attention was paid in the publications of V. Anfinogenov and co-authors (see list of publications).

Now the leader of the scientific school is Andrei I. Khlebnikov, Sc.D in chemistry, Professor. The scientific group consists of researchers who work in AltSTU at the Chair of General Chemistry.

Our scientific interests remain in the area of nitrogen-containing heterocycles and their derivatives synthesis and investigation. Among these heterocycles are pyrazole, benzotriazole, phenothiazine, phenoxazine and others. Recently we began the research of metal complexes with nitrogen-containing heterocycles as chelating organic ligands. Synthesis of these complexes is a starting point to new chemical sensors, catalysts, reagents for chemical analysis, and to metal-containing polymers. Chemistry of such poorly investigated macromolecules is now in progressive development.
Much attention is paid to the synthesis of substances with certain prescribed properties. In this connection, together with synthetic work we develop computation methodologies for resolving the problem of structure-property relationships and, in particular, of structure - biological activity relationships. Significant results obtained in this direction are presented in a series of publications. The research is conducted in collaboration with colleagues in Russia and abroad, in contact with Russian Section of The Cheminformatics and QSAR Society that allows us to be always aware of the last achievements in the field.
The other direction of our scientific activities for several years was elaboration of the method for photochemical processing of metal surfaces with the purpose to obtain relief images (for example, for production of reflecting phase diffraction lattices). Results of this investigation were described in journal articles and patents.
Since 2001 we started the study of composition and biological properties of natural products (humus matter, mumie, Siberian plants). Fractions from mumie and sea buckthorn have been isolated and are under investigation with respect to their biological activity.

The work of our laboratory is based to great extent on the collaboration with scientists from universities and research institutes. Among them are

and others.

Achievements of our group and main scientific results were published in leading Russian and foreign chemical journals. List of our most important publications since 1976 can be found here.

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